Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Botanist, Practical Hatter Show and some Christmas Blessings.

I feel ahead of the game this week and have finally caught up and am up to date with my favourite challenges. I have even started a Hand bound Journal for myself, plus I am trying my hand at a Fabric ATC Tutorial from one of my dear friends Trudi aka Two Dresses Studio. Hop on over to her blog and take a look.This one sounds like a lot of Fun. Thanks Trudi. I'll keep you posted on how I get on. I have Participated again in The Three Muses Challenge. This weeks theme " Flowers". I am early for once for The Sunday Postcard Art Challenge. This up Coming weeks theme " Robins ". Also I have had a little play around with Ceremony's Newest
Paper Doll Fun Collage sheets over at her Etsy Store.

The Botanist.
My Entry for The Three Muses Challenge. This weeks theme " Flowers". A 5x7 Digital Collage created using:
A Rose is a Rose from Holliewood Studios @ Deviant Scrap. BG with Thanks from RubyBlossom @ Flickr.Head, Tulips and Arm from Tumblefish Studio @ Etsy.Moss and Vine from Createwings Designs @ A5D. Steampunk Brushes with thanks to Starwalt.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 11/12/2010. All ights Reserved.

Christmas Blessings. My Entry for The Sunday Postcard Art Challenge. This weeks Theme " Robins ".A 6x4 Digital Collage Created using:
BG and Hand from Tumblefish Studio @ Etsy.
Swirl Corners( with Gold action applied from Atomic Cupcake) Bergit Kerr @ SBG.
Vintage Postage Stamp Brushes with thanks to Alex Dukal.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 11/12/2010. All Rights Reserved.

Practical Hatter Show.
A 7x5 Digital Collage created using:
BG- Good Vibes from Tumblefish Studio @ Etsy
On the Edge Overlays 7x5[ATC] from TotallyWild Dezinez @ Deviant Scrap.
Everything else from NEW-Paper Doll Fun from Ceremony @ Etsy.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 11/12/2010. All Rights Reserved.
Thanks for Taking the time to stop by and read.
Hugs Fiona.xx


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh, some fabulous pieces here, Fiona!

  2. Wow, Fiona, what an amazing array of your very creative digital art, brilliant!

  3. Wow, such creativity, Fiona. You robin is delightful and I love the botanist with the arm coming out of the wall and those fabulous specs. The hatter is great too!

  4. Absolutely glorious art work! A real feast for the eye. Hugs xx

  5. Wow stunning work. I love your Botannical and the Robin. So beautiful!

  6. *clap! clap! clap!*

    These are gorgeous, Fiona! Great artwork!

  7. Wonderful art, expressive and each so unique and different Fiona- true inspiration!

  8. I'll do double-duty comment here. Your Three Muses Rose is a Rose is gorgeous and original, as is the Sunday Postcard. I love your use of the DaVinci hand as a perch for that robin! Your work is creative and SO well done!

  9. I'm loving everything you are doing at the moment Fiona, and your rose for the Three Muses is spectacular.

  10. What a surprise , I come to look at your Robin via SPA and find find you've made a collage with my paperdoll sheets. Thanks so much for crediting CeMeRony :)

    Love your art very much , the Robin is fabulous!

  11. Stunning pieces, the robin is fabulous.

  12. LOVED to see your latest incredibble designs here too Fiona !!
    (Isn't it FUN on the digital whisper ?? ;)

    Hearty greetings from me.

  13. A visit to your blog is such a joy. Your artwork is superb in every way. I had some trouble finding a place to comment. I came here to comment on your beautiful Three Muses piece but stopped to admire all the other pieces. Your Sunday Postcard entry is wonderful.
    Thanks for joining in the Muses Challenge.

  14. What creativity! The bird in the blue background is just exquisite! Keep up the great work!