Thursday, 19 April 2012

Back after a Break...........

It's been awhile since my last blog post,but that doesn't mean that I've been idling away my time doing nothing. In fact it is the complete opposite I have been extremely busy creative wise that is. Apart from my digital Illustration work I have been taking an online class with Andy Skinner this past eight weeks in his Timeworn Techniques Workshop and I have had an absolute Blast. I have been getting down and dirty with Paint learning all sorts of techniques to which the outcome resulted in combining what we learnt in constructing an assemblage piece incorporating the techniques covered in the workshop. The final piece constructed is then to be entered into a competition organised by DecoArt the manufactures of the paint used and judged by three people. Imagine the shock when Andy announced in class this week that one of the judges was the man himself  TIM HOLTZ................................ Holy Crap am I nervous or what. But whatever happens I am extremely proud of my piece and what I learnt and achieved. I will post pictures of my final piece after the judging and winner is announced hopefully sometime at the end of next week. Anyhow onto what I have created Illustration wise. The Designers over at Deviant Scrap have been busy releasing some georgeous stuffs for me to play with. Tracey from Hidden Vintage Studios has released..........  Almost Alice and April Showers, two delightfully vintage image kits and I am in love. Marsha from Tumblefish Studios has released a fabulous vintage eclectic mix of a kit called Lowbrow and Evelyn from Finecrafted Designs has released a Deliciously sweet kit called Bee Yourself. So hop on over and check these beauty's out.                                                                                                              

I Found Myself In Wonderland. 

A 12X10 Digital Illustration created using Almost Alice from Hidden Vintage Studios.
Full Credits HERE

                                                                  April Showers.

 An 8x10 Digital Illustration created using April Showers from Hidden Vintage Studios.
Full Credits HERE

                                                     Crazy Madame Fontaine.

 A 10x8 Digital Illustration created using LowBrow from Tumblefish Studio.
Full Credits HERE
                                                                  Do You Wish.

 A 12x10 Digital Illustration created using LowBrow from Tumblefish Studio.
Full Credits HERE

                                                                    Honey Girl.

 A10x8 Digital Illustration created using Bee Yourself.
Full Credits HERE

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.
Hugs Fiona.oxoxoxo


  1. So very nice to see your post!

  2. HI, I love the alice pic, the whole digital art thig looks great. Its inspiring me and the better half to look into it x