Monday, 24 March 2014

HDH Challenge #185 Skullduggery.

I have some exciting news to share, well for me that is. I have been participating in the Haunted Design House Challenges for quite awhile now as this is my kind of art I love to create be it on the Dark/Gothic side and just rocks my boat . I have been asked to join the creative team and become one of the Dark Minions residing in the Dungeons over there. Of course I was just happy to oblige and commit myself to long periods of my time in the Dark. So here we go..................
Our new Macabre Monday theme for the next two weeks:


The word 'skulduggery' is a noun,
meaning underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery.
Notice how we purposely misspelled it with two "l"s?
We're looking for SKULLS, but if you can manage to work
both the definition, and the skulls in,
then you have a win, win project on your hands! 

So, just to be clear, we want to see skulls. Lots, and lots of skulls

So here is my first offering created within the depths of the deep dark dungeon which I now call home. I decided to create a shrine  which was cast in plaster using techniques learnt on Andy Skinners Outcast online workshop.

After casting, the Skull Shrine was ready for paint  and after a bit of work the finished result is shown below.
Over the next two weeks we want to see your skull inspired creations so be sure to head on over to Haunted Design House and join in the fun. I'd sure like to see you over there.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

HDH Challenge # 184 Lets Play a Game.

I have participated again in the two weekly challenge over at Haunted Design House.
Hello, I want to play a game.
Up until now, the dungeon has been a safe place to play.
If you want to make it out of this challenge alive,
 you must search within yourself to find the answers. 
You have just 14 days to plumb the depths of your creativity,
and pay homage to me, Jigsaw.
Only those entering can move on to chapter two of our little game.
So here is my contribution to pay homage to JIGSAW.........
I constructed a little box and decorated with a main image from the Saw franchise as my main focus.

Next step was to create  a card using Jigsaw as the main focus in photoshop. Print, attach to mountboard and then cut using a jigsaw die I have using my Big Shot. Voila JIGSAW as a Jigsaw. Which fits nicely into the little box.
Put the pieces together and...................This is what you have.

A fun challenge as always.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.