Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hard at Work and CT Work.

Crikey!!! It's been a busy week both at work and at home. I have just finished a gruelling 7 days at work, which has been extremely busy and has left me exhausted. But from Oct 8th I have a weeks Vacation from work YAY!!! and a well deserved rest if I say so myself, Plus my Birthday coming up that week on the 14th ( I actually feel older than my age right now I,m so shattered he he ). Enough of my idle chatter and on to what I have been creating this past week....... My Dearest Friend Marsha of TumbleFish Studios, has released some fabulous new collage sheets at her Etsy store, I just couldn't resist. I just love what Marsha creates for us. Over at Deviant Scrap FineCrafted Designs, CrowAbout StudioB and TotallyWild Dezinez have been fabulously creative with their new kits available in the shop. Hop on over and take a look you won't be dissapointed.

Odd Soul a 5x7 Digital Collage using TumbleFish Studio Goodies.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 2/10/2010. All rights Reserved.
Keeper of Time. A 5x7 Digital Collage using TotallyWild Dezinez new wings.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 2/10/2010. All rights Reserved.
Wood Nymph. A 5x7 Digital Collage created using CrowAbout StudioB's new BG Papers.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 2/10/2010. All rights Reserved.
Lovers Moon a 4x8 Skinny Digital Collage Created using FineCrafted Designs New Kit. It's only a Paper Moon.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 2/10/2010. All Rights Reserved.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. Oh and I love getting comments if you have the time.
Big Hugs Fiona.

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  1. holy smokes! you're on fire with these fiona! Love them all.