Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sunday Postcard Art and More CT Work

I'm a bit sluggish this week as I have been on the nightshift at the Hospital this week. My last Night tonight yay!!! Here's my entry for The Sunday Postcard Art Challenge. This weeks theme " Scary Fairies ". Another page created with Finecrafted Designs Fabulous new Kit Foxes and Furs with a co-ordinating ATC Kit. Also a big 12x12 piece created with Kimla Designs new kit Precious available @ After5Designs. I'm looking forward to the weekend as I have some creative Ideas flowing around in my head and can't wait to get them down on paper.

Dark Fairy a 6x4 Digital Collage, my entry for the Sunday Postcard Art Challenge.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 21/10/2010. All Rights Reserved.


Autumn Belle. A 7x5 Digital Collage created using Finecrafted Designs new Kit.
Copyright by Bfiona Randall 21/10/2010. All Rights Reserved.
Beautiful. A 12x12 Digital Collage created using Kimla Designs new Kit.
Copyright by Fiona Randall 21/10/2010. All rights Reserved.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and Read.
Hugs Fiona.


  1. These are quite beautiful and each so different- your dark fairy really conveys a magical spirit and your vintage work speaks of romance and rememberance. Such wonderful art all around. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment on my blog Fiona!

  2. Dark and scary fairy indeed but quite beautiful.