Saturday, 10 July 2010

The start of something new!!!

I'm so excited to start this blog and it is all down to two wonderful ladies. Hollie Haradon of Holliewood Studios and Marsha of Tumblefish Studios . Two Fabulous Designers @ Deviant Scrap. It is through this awesome site that I stumbled into the world of collage art and altered art. Boy oh Boy am I hooked. My creativity has exploded and for that I am eternally in debt to Hollie and Marsha. So a big Thank you and and big hugs to you both. Through this blog I will be showcasing my muse which is working overtime at the moment. If you happen to stop by and leave me a comment I would love that. I hope to make many more new friends on this venture to add to the awesome ones I have already made over at Deviant Scrapsite. Enough of my ramblings for now, lets kick this blog into action. Bring on the Art............

Thanks for taking the time to read
Hugs Fiona.

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